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"I'm here to help law students and bar examinees succeed!" 

 Elika Morris, Esq.


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Bar Prep Memo

Get my Bar Prep Memo and get access to my personal tips, study techniques, references, and critical supplement recommendations.

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7 Tips to Bar Exam Success

Get your free sample of my Guide for law students and bar examinees today.

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Book a call with me to discuss how we can dive deep into your development with personalized guidance on law school and bar exam success. Free 15 minute consultations.

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Become A Future Esquire

Community for Future Esquires

Become a Future Esquire and gain access to a community where likeminded individuals feel safe, motivated, and equipped to do well and encourage you to do the same. This community is for law school students and law school graduates who have to face the bar exam. This membership is designed to help you succeed mentally, physically, and academically to pass the bar exam. Learn more by clicking below.

Become A Future Esquire

Future Esquire Program

3 mo/6 mo/9 mo packages available

What's Included:

  • The Official Bar Prep Memo
  • Bar Exam Outline Vault
  • Group Couching
  • Weekly Quiet Calls
  • Post-Bar Exam Trip Early Registration
  • Built-In Accountability

Limited spots available!

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Learn more about our post-bar exam trip.

After spending months dedicated to intense vigorous studies, many bar examinees treat themselves to a post-bar exam vacation. We're planning a future post-bar exam trip for all those interested in joining us as we take flight into our dream vacation. 

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Becoming Esquire. Inside Esquire. Outside Esquire.

Tune in to my Channel!

I started this journey when I was studying to sit for the October 2020 bar exam.  I documented my bar preparation experience in 2020 on video and started a YouTube Channel. I named it "Becoming Esquire," as this was my journey to becoming a licensed attorney. Now, I am introducing Inside Esquire and Outside Esquire where you will get the exclusive content on what my life is like now Inside of my role as an attorney and my day-to-day life Outside of my profession.

Heart Esquire YouTube Channel

Check out my latest Heart Esquire Vlog below!

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