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The Official Bar Prep Memo: How to Pass the Bar Exam

The Official Bar Prep Memo provides tools that will equip you on what to expect going into bar preparation. You will gain practical wisdom on how to win in your studies, what to do when you get sleepy, how to study passively and effectively, and so on. This memo contains extensive research on how to improve your memory and overall mental and physical study capacity with proven success results. This includes utilizing moderate and advanced study techniques that favor your brain's tendencies. This Memo is designed for bar exam success, PERIOD.

The Official Bar Prep Memo Course

This Course includes my personal recommendations on how to prepare for the bar exam with references to important supplements, recommendations on mental health maintenance, unique study techniques, and much more.

Each Module will take you through brief, concise, effective tips to improve your law studies development. Time management, stress, and goal setting, as well as Elika's specific notes on essay writing techniques, PT pointers, and multiple choice test taking, are to name a few of the hidden keys embedded within this course.


7 Tips to Bar Exam Success

Get your free sample delivered straight to your inbox! This Guide covers a number of critical key points that all examinees should consider before going into bar prep season. This guide is useful for all law students and bar examinees regardless of state residence, age, or background. Take advantage of key tools that are embedded within this Guide so that you can unlock the bar exam doors to success.

Future Esquire Membership

The Future Esquire membership is a community that creates a safe space of accountability for law students and bar examinees. Here, we weed through the overwhelming demands of law school and bar prep, by implementing  social systems, healthy activities, and mind & body exercises. Our goal is to refocus on the step-by step journey that will get you to the other side, whether that be law school finals or the bar exam itself. This is for you! You are not in this alone.

The State Bar Exam is right around the corner! What are you doing now to prepare  yourself to succeed?

The State Bar Exam is only offered twice a year: In February and in July. Take advantage of the resources we have available so that you can be licensed after sitting for the next bar cycle.