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"The bar exam is hard, but you can pass it. I'm here to help you get to the other side!"

Elika Morris, Esq.

My Story

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Elika Morris, Esq.

I tackled vicious hardships leading up to taking the October 2020 bar exam. It was the first online bar exam ever administered, which presented its own challenges with studies and valid technology concerns. Not to mention, I and many others battled the new adjustments to the COVID-19 pandemic, family tragedy, racial tensions, social unrest, political adjustments, and implementation of new precedence set by Supreme Court decisions.  

The world around me literally turned upside down when I was taking the bar exam in 2020.  In my docuseries Becoming Esquire, I offered my unrefined opinion and best advice with the most organic perspective my mind had to offer at the time.

I succeeded on the October 2020 bar exam and passed on my first attempt. Now, I am releasing my gifts birthed from the hardships I endured to help you succeed for when you take the bar. Click "Products" in the Main Menu to learn more about my Future Esquire Membership and my book The Official Bar Prep Memo: How to Pass the Bar Exam,  a carefully constructed document with my specific guidance and advice for those who are planning to sit for the bar exam. 

I hope my story inspires and encourages you to get to the other side. You can do anything you set your mind to. Trust the process. You got this.

My Becoming Esquire Journey

"It is my goal to offer my generous support and unwavering commitment to see you get to the other side too!"

Powerful community and generous support helped carry me across the finish line to passing the bar exam on my first try. Now, this is my gift to you and I hope to inspire those on their journeys to Becoming Esquire.

- Elika Morris, Esq.

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